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Screening is mandatory and non-negotiable for absolutely all new suitors. Please send me an email with the following information: an introduction, your full legal name, preferred return email address, and any applicable social handles (if you wish). Feel free to tell me a little about yourself; what are your likes and dislikes, do you have experience with this, what kind of date would you be interested in? Please keep all correspondence professional. I will not discuss our time together over email.

Basic screening information, please provide the following:

1) Reference from a Provider: Website or Twitter,  contact method,  and name. (Please don't provide me with an MA who works for a club as a reference or any owners of an MA club) I will only accept references from an Independent Companion that you have seen within the past year.


2) ID: Unaltered drivers license or passport (all information clearly visible)

3) Work Verification: Either your LinkedIn profile or your company website which CLEARLY displays ALL THREE of the following: your name, photo, and contact information.

*My preferred method of screening is Government Identification, I do not always accept provider references, and reserve the right to ask for ID or Work verification and vice versa, I also reserve the right to ask for a reference alongside any provided ID.


I uphold a very strict NO reviews policy. Please DONT post or ask anything about me, post my name, ESPECIALLY NOT my links, sites, socials on those platforms or threads. 


Please do not share the details of our personal encounters on any private/hidden or public review boards. This will result in the termination of our time together going forward. Privacy is to be respected by both of us.


I, in turn, do not provide "reviews" of gentlemen I meet, out of respect for their privacy.

If I figure out you have contributed to posts or threads about me on those trashy forums, you will be added to my personal blacklist. I will respect your discretion, the same exact way you respect mine. 

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding regarding this. 


I ask that you only proceed with booking dates when you are sure of your schedule, I am aware life can be unpredictable sometimes I understand cancellations may happen.


As of 2023, I will require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit upon booking to hold the time and date for our encounter. Deposits are compensation for my time and my time only. They are non-refundable and non-transferable (If I cancel, very rare and most likely an emergency, I would refund the deposit within 24-48 hours) deposits would be sent back via PayPal, ideally you can use it toward the rescheduled date, or you can pick it up in cash from my Incall.


** There will be absolutely no Etransfer to you from me **

If you would like to cancel or postpone within a week or 7 days of our booking I require 50% of the booking and cancellations within 24 hours of our upcoming encounter I require 70% of our booking as a cancelation fee. Without that, I won’t accept any date requests from you in the future as you will be placed on my No-show / Blacklist.


If you catch yourself wondering about what you will experience during our time together, to summarize, I am very sensual, love to chat, learn about you, get close and personal. I absolutely won't provide a list of “services” because I strive to create an organic encounter. My favorite thing is forming a very natural, true connection with you. I want to build toward a level of comfort and establish a mutual friendship/relationship, I’ve come to realize that time spent behind closed doors is significantly more enjoyable once we’ve had a chance to connect as people.

Every date is different, depending on many factors, including you and what you like, how comfortable I am with you, how well we get along, etc. I like to be very particular with who I spend quality time around and enjoy dates with gentlemen which I know I will have lots of similar interests to connect over. I always like to start my dates with sparkling water or tea/coffee (Dates 3H + potentially sharing a meal) while we indulge in great conversation and allow some time to get acquainted. I hope as we continuously meet, catching up since our last rendezvous, our encounters leave us already looking forward to the next encounter.


Disclaimer: If you arrive unwell I will end the date. Please postpone our encounter if you think you might be ill or someone you have been in contact with, had any exposure to Covid within 2 weeks of our date.


Health is a priority with the ongoing situation. I take covid precautions very seriously to minimize risk by accepting less dates at the moment. Risk of exposure is limited on my end by social distancing measures and wearing a mask in public throughout my day, I sanitize my incall before/after every encounter.


You: All information you will provide me with is for screening purposes only. Your privacy, confidentiality, and trust are valued. Any and all private conversations we share, whether it be in person or electronically, are considered privileged.

Myself: I choose to avoid showing my face online for discretion. I will not send additional photos of my face or body prior to our date, please refer to my Twitter or website for my available photo gallery.


For Toronto OR Montreal: A three hour minimum would be required (I prefer to drive out). All additional costs for hotel accommodations (of my choosing if you require an incall) and potential travel expenses such as gas will have to be covered by you in advance and a 20% deposit may also be required.


For anywhere else outside of Toronto / Montreal: An overnight booking at minimum is required, all additional costs for hotel/airbnb accommodations (of my choosing) and travel expenses such as flight costs will have to be covered  by you in advance.

For any FMTY outside of Ontario or Quebec, I require a 35% deposit.


Tips are never expected but very much appreciated. I love gift cards as well as I have a Wishlist of the things I'm currently on the hunt for:


Upon your arrival for our lovely encounter, the shower will be running hot, waiting for you. All suitors are expected to shower with soap and rinse with mouthwash upon arrival. This is non-negotiable. Towels and toiletries will be provided.

You can expect that I will be fresh out of the shower, well-groomed, and wearing my favorite perfume... Please notify me in advanced if you are sensitive to scents.

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